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  Ground Solutions: TerraElast: Key Characteristics (Summary)

Introduction to GS TerraElast

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Advantages & Benefits
- Cost-effective installation and maintenance
- Safety
- Environmental compatibility


Product Characteristics:
- Drainage
- Fire Prevention
- Sound Absorption
- Key Characteristics (Summary)

- Road, sidewalk, and yard construction
- Sound insulation walls
- Additional applications

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  • Compared to standard asphalt, street noise is reduced by 8 dB at 50 km/h. Compared to the latest ultra-quiet asphalt (OPA2), it is reduced by 3 dB. (A 3 dB reduction corresponds to 50% less noise to the human ear.)
  • Water-permeable, no aquaplaning and less splashed water, very little ice formation (less salting during the winter).
  • Temperature-resistant (-30 to +120 degrees Celsius). Asphalt heats up, softens, and buckles.
  • Higher tensile strength than concrete (at least 13.2 N/mm˛ for the base course; at least 12.3 N/mm˛ for the surface course); no lane groove formation over the long term.
  • No frost damage since there is sufficient void volume to allow water to expand.
  • Environmentally friendly, no leaching of hazardous substances.
  • No special requirements for removal or demolition – water pollution class 0. (Can be deposited in a landfill or water protection area without causing problems.) - Asphalt has to be 100% recycled or disposed of at high cost -
  • Cost savings:
    1. Reduction or elimination of storm sewers
    2. Elimination of municipal sealing charges
  • Extremely durable:
    1. Very stable
    2. Resistant against acids and bases
  • Easy to clean, can be repaired at low cost with no loss of quality

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