Ground Solution
About Ground Solutions

Founded as a landscaping enterprise at the beginning of the Seventies, Ground Solutions has developed a range of technologies and products to improve the capabilities of grassed surfaces in the field of sporting grounds. With our background and knowledge, we have developed a new product range, Ground Solutions (GS), which replaces conventional grass paving systems and gravel grassed areas.

GS is a grass paving system made of plastics. We have managed to eliminate all disadvantages of conventional concrete grids.

For almost ten years now, we have laid areas of several hundred thousand square meters in foreign countries, including GS America, Iceland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, New Zealand and Great Britain. Whether during Scandinavian winters or in Tropic Zones, GS units are tried and tested outstandingly due to the integrated circular joints for balancing tensions and strains occurring by any weather. Huge areas which absorb enormous loads can be laid.


We have also proud to introduce you to a new surface material: GS TerraElast. This alternative to asphalt and concrete is the ideal solution to all problems in road, sidewalk, and yard construction. Click here to find out more about GS TerraElast

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