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Introduction to GS TerraElast

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Advantages & Benefits
- Cost-effective installation and maintenance
- Safety
- Environmental compatibility


Product Characteristics:
- Drainage
- Fire Prevention
- Sound Absorption
- Key Characteristics (Summary)

- Road, sidewalk, and yard construction
- Sound insulation walls
- Additional applications

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GS TerraElast, a new surface material, is the ideal solution to all problems in road, sidewalk, & yard construction.

GS TerraElast can supplement or entirely replace construction materials such as asphalt and concrete with a high-strength, water-permeable, sound-absorbent composite that can be installed on a level grade (no slope needed for drainage).

GS TerraElast has many great features...

  • Water-permeable, with "open" spaces of approximately 40%

  • Greater pressure resistance and tensile strength. More durable, resilient, and temperature-resistant than asphalt/concrete

  • Environmentally friendly from installation to disposal

Civil engineering trends indicate that environmentally friendly construction that does not use heavy oil compounds which is still the rule today is essential.

With its outstanding characteristics, GS TerraElast is a trend-setting alternative for road, yard, and sidewalk construction in every way.

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