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  Ground Solutions: TerraElast: Advantages & Benefits

Introduction to GS TerraElast

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Advantages & Benefits
- Cost-effective installation and maintenance
- Safety
- Environmental compatibility


Product Characteristics:
- Drainage
- Fire Prevention
- Sound Absorption
- Key Characteristics (Summary)

- Road, sidewalk, and yard construction
- Sound insulation walls
- Additional applications

Download GS TerraElast
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1. Cost-effective installation
and maintenance:

  • Low planning and installation costs / no drainage grade
    In addition to the elimination of expensive sewer systems, the precise grade normally required for drainage can also be disregarded.
  • Frost resistance
    A void volume of 40% and seamless installation prevents frost damage maximum expansion tolerance (Marth frost resistance report, 27/04/2004)
  • Resistant against surface damage / lane grooves
    Compared to conventional pavement, TerraElast construction materials are more durable under heavy loads, remaining elastic and retaining their shape when exposed to heat.
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