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Introduction to GS TerraElast

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Advantages & Benefits
- Cost-effective installation and maintenance
- Safety
- Environmental compatibility


Product Characteristics:
- Drainage
- Fire Prevention
- Sound Absorption
- Key Characteristics (Summary)

- Road, sidewalk, and yard construction
- Sound insulation walls
- Additional applications

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Additional applications

In addition to road, sidewalk, yard construction, and sound insulation walls for freeways GS TerraElast products can also be used for a wide range of other applications:

  • Coastline protection and sand retention
  • Airport construction and renovation
  • Ballast stabilization for railway lines
  • Tree protection rings
  • Stairs (slip-resistant)
  • Indoor, outdoor, and private pools
    (slip-resistant when wet)
  • Car wash facilities
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Sanitary facilities (vanities, sinks, showers, etc.)
  • Complete trade show booths
  • Manhole covers
  • Parks, golf courses
  • Dividing walls
  • Partial and full wall coverings
  • Designer furniture (shelves, tables, lamps, etc.)
  • Sales counters, reception desks

Since GS TerraElast can use different grain sizes, materials (stone, glass slag, gravel, etc.) and colours of fill, custom surface designs are possible (logos, red bicycle trails, etc.). This allows for creative and intuitive designs that enhance landscape layouts of any type. With 20,000 colour combinations, you have a wide colour gamut to choose from.

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