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Peel District School Board

TO: Harry Kodors OALA, MMM Group

FROM: David Nicholas, B.Arch CET, Peel District School Board

RE: Ground Solutions


The Peel District School Board has been very pleased with Marshall Macklin Monaghan's recommendation to use ground solutions at two of its school sites in 2006. Both sites (Thornwood PS and Forest Glen PS) had extensive erosion problems because of the heavily compacted soil and poor drainage. This becomes a large problem through the winter months into the spring when the children are playing in these areas, and it becomes dangerous because of ice and water build up.

Ground Solutions was applied in 2 different applications (one above the grass and one below the grass), and in both instances, the grass continues to grow and the area drains the way it was meant to. Drains within the area have also stopped becoming plugged because the soil erosion has dissipated. Children are also safer as there is little to no ice build up within the surrounding area. In the summer months the grass would tend to die because the root base was non existent. Now the grass survives because the root system is stronger and protected with Ground Solutions. This also helps to eliminate erosion. I would highly recommend the use of Ground Solutions at many of our other sites throughout the Board.

David Nicholas B.Arch CET
Project Manager
Peel District School Board

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