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Possibilities with GS:
     - Parking on Grass?
     - A Fast Alternative
     - Dressage Grounds
     - Jumping Grounds
     - Western Grounds
     - Paddocks for Horses

The GS Line-Up:
     - GS-ONTOP
     - GS-PRO

Technical Data / Installation Notes

PDF Brochure

PDF Brochure


Have You Ever Thought About Parking On Grass?

GS-PRO is our most versatile product. We have developed it as an alternative to the conventional concrete grids and have eliminated the disadvantages of that former system. Many GS-PRO projects have been achieved here in Canada, in Germany and abroad.

Due to its unique design, GS-PRO surfaces provide a visually pleasant and stable surface structure through which grass can be grown. As it is very thin, it can be almost invisible. The UV resistance of GS-PRO is very high. It does not heat up as fast as concrete. The open base enables unrestricted root growth.

An extremely light weight (only 9kg/m²) plus an unit size of 1m² make a rapid installation possible. Thus enabling us to reduce the installation costs to a minimum of the costs of a paved surface. GS-PRO units are connected easily by a special fastening system. GS-PRO pavers can be filled with grass and/or gravel as required.

GS-PRO products are manufactured of pure recycled polyethylene thus being environmentally friendly and UV resistant. For this reason GS-PRO units can be used for water conservation areas.

Due to its unique design, GS-PRO proves to be extremely flexible. Tensions can be balanced due to the selected material with integrated circular joints each 50cm in longitudinal and transverse direction.

GS-PRO can be cut with suitable shears to work around trees, edges and other obstacles. GS-PRO is simply laid on a gravel substructure; a leveling layer of fine crushed aggregate is not needed, as a result costs are reduced. The substructure requires a 20 40 cm thick layer, whereas the thickness of the layer is dependant on the loads. Heavy loads require a 50 cm thick layer.

GS-PRO is not only suitable for parking lots, fire access roads, and driveways but also for gradients, grassed roofs, and for protecting the rootzone of trees. For years GS-PRO has been used for grassed tracks in road construction. In this field, GS-PRO offers many advantages, ie: noise pollution of trains can be reduced therefore enhancing city living. Vehicles can access the grassed areas which can serve as fire and service access roads

White marker caps the size of a single cell are available to identify areas such as parking bays and routes. These square inserts clip into the top of paver cells

In addition, we supply or advise on compatible seeds, fertilizers, and substrates for fillings as well as supports for a secure fastening (for gradients). Furthermore, we offer an irrigation system the size of a comb for watering an area the size of a single parking spot.

We provide a 10-year warranty on GS-ONTOP, GS-PRO, GS-PADDOCK & GS-ELASTIC.

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