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How does Anti Graffiti Surface Coating work?
The coating creates a smooth film over the surface you want to protect and makes it difficult for paints, lacquers and many other foreign substances to stick to its surface.

How do I remove graffiti sprayed on my wall after the coating is applied?
Simply wipe the graffiti away using normal acetone or a use a pressure washer, to wash away the graffiti.

How many applications do I need?
Just one application is required and installation must be done in such a manner as to form a film that fills any pores on the surface.

Can I apply the Anti Graffiti Surface Coating myself?
This is a commercial-grade two-component coating that can be used in residential and commercial applications but it must be mixed and applied a trained professional.

Can I put the Anti Graffiti Surface Coating on Metal?
Yes. Our specially developed GS 211 UV stabilized coating can be used on surfaces such as Stone, Paint, Wood, Metal etc. Surface areas have to be clean and dry prior to application.

What will it look like once it is applied?
The final look of the applied Anti Graffiti Surface Coating will be clear and glossy. Due to the special formulation of GS 211 paints, lacquers and many other substances can be easily removed as they are not able to penetrate to the underlying material. The glossy finish will slightly saturate the hue of the colours it is applied to. This change is normal of glossy coatings because of how it absorbs and reflects light.

Is the Anti Graffiti Surface Coating waterproof?
In most cases GS 211 is moisture resistant but in the case of hydrostatic water pressure under new concrete surfaces, care must be taken to ensure the concrete is properly cured.

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